Axle Measurements

Get Axle Measurements

It is important to get accurate measurements off of your axle because of the many different models and applications.  Not all vehicles are built the same.  Some have wider frames and some have narrower.   Also, the track width varies from year to year and vehicle to vehicle.  To be sure that we provide you with an axle that will replace your existing one, we need to have accurate measurements.  The measurements that we need are listed on the diagram below.

We need a measurement from:
Spring perch center to spring perch center
Backing plate to backing plate
Hub face to hub face (if possible)

If the axle is still under your vehicle and you still have the tires and wheels on, the hub face measurement will be difficult for you to get.  In this case, it is not necessary.  If you have the axle out and can give us this measurement, it would be helpful.

In some vehicles you may have a coil spring setup or a leaf spring setup.   We will need to know if it is coil spring or leaf spring.


Axle Measurement Diagram